Wednesday, May 2, 2012


After we left Dachau we were a bit depressed, the world looked a little more gray.  We got on a train and traveled to Wurzburg.  Wurzburg was beautiful and quaint, a town that has past and present mingled together in a very elegant way.  I think it was in Wurzburg that I first realized the family zones, where streets were blocked off and kids could run free without the worry of being hit by a car.  Walking in Wurzburg was picturesque.

We stayed at a youth hostel, that used to be a monastery.  The person who checked us in was very helpful!  She told us what would be the best places to see in the short time we had, and she told us kid friendly restaurants that were good and economical.

We had dinner in the shadow of the cathedral and went for ice-cream after.  We spent time walking around and enjoying the architecture, history, and overall beauty.  It was a perfect ending to the day we had, it was a very peaceful town.  It was simply lovely, I really enjoyed Wurzburg.

The only thing that was not ideal, was being woken up at 6am, by the church bell.  I turned to my husband and asked, "Did you order that wake up bell?"  We laughed, and talked through the loud bell, and went back to sleep after it was done.  The funniest part, my kids slept through the whole thing.

Wurzburg was a short visit, but one of our favorite stops in Germany.