Friday, October 7, 2011


The taxi drivers in Shanghai were very safe drivers in comparison to what I experienced in Nanjing!  In one taxi ride the driver crossed the double yellow line and headed into oncoming traffic TWICE, and drove on the sidewalk, not the bike lane, the SIDEWALK, and honked his horn to tell everyone to get out of his way.  These near death experiences scared me so much I investigated how to use public transportation to find my way to the tourist sites.

Your typical taxi they have that plastic between them and their passengers so they don't get mugged.  I personally think it is so you don't take over their driving.

Xuanwu lake Gate
The first day I ventured out to Xuanwu Lake.  I took the metro to XuanwuMen stop on Line 1.  When I got off the Metro (subway) I could see the entrance to the Hunan Road, walking 5 minutes in the opposite direction I came to Xuanwu Lake.  This lake was beautiful, the park was massive.  I should have brought my stroller, but had decided to bring the sling instead, and my baby did pretty good at first and then he got really tired of being in the sling, and I ended up carrying him.  The walk back to the metro seemed a LOT longer than the one to the park.
Geese bushes

At this place I asked a Chinese person to take my photo, and then I ended up in a line getting photos with a bunch of people, I didn't think about taking a picture of the whole thing, because it seemed so surreal to me.

Sun Dial, time is a precious gift
I was trying to get a photo of the red ribbons hanging from the trees
Some people I met at the Lake who wanted my picture so I had them take a picture with me as well.

I was tired after the lake so I took a taxi, I know it was a taxi, but I felt like living on the edge, to Confucius temple.  Which is also called Fuzimiao.  I brought my stroller with me, the driver took me to a road and told me to get out.  I had no idea where I was, but found my way.  It turns out that the Fuzimiao area is HUGE!  And I never did see Confucius' temple that day, I did find it with my husband later, but I did find SHOPPING!  Also this is where crowds really gathered around my baby, I couldn't even push my stroller through.  
This is the first large group of people that gathered around my baby

Parasols hanging upside down
This is the second group, they wouldn't let me walk through the markets.
Fuzimiao is full of these store stalls, haggle away!

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