Monday, June 20, 2011

What to Pack

Here are a few tips I like to use when I pack.  I like to pack light, but have packed so light that I had to do laundry in a bathtub in Paris, that I do not suggest!  So here are some general tips I like to use.

1.  Check the weather for where you are going, pack accordingly
2.  Bring clothes appropriate for activities you are planning on, swim suit for swimming, dress clothes for a wedding, etc.
3.  If you take a baby with you, pack all the diapers you need, this may sound a bit extreme, but you never know how hard it will be to find a store, if you go to a country that does not speak your native tongue, you will not know what brand of diapers to get.  And finally, the diapers you use then create space to bring home souvenirs.  Oh and buy the nicest diapers, the expensive kind, the overnight ones if possible, so that you will be the most protected from blow outs while travelling.  
4.  If you are going to be staying in one place, you can pack a little more heavy, with an outfit to go someplace nice in, or multiple shoes to match every outfit.
5.  If you are going to be changing locations often, pack as light as you can, but make sure you at least pack a different shirt for everyday, with a couple shirts to spare if you have a baby.
6.  Try to pack pants and skirts that you can mix and match with your shirts, that are more versatile. 
7.  Have the kids pack a small backpack or bag they can carry themselves with an outfit, pajamas, toothbrush, and activities so that they can keep themselves entertained, and so that if luggage gets lost you will at least have something to change them into, or if a major spill happens you have clothes that are easily accessible.  Try to make this bag small enough that it can fit into luggage if you need it to. 
8.  If you have a baby, pack multiple outfits in the diaper bag.  Babies tend to blow out their diapers when on vacation a LOT more than when they are home.  You never know you too may be at Versailles and have to change your baby 4 times out of their outfit.
9.  Pack fever reducers for your children, you don't want to have to worry about finding a drugstore if your child starts running a high fever. 
10.  Pack any medication, or home remedies for your children for things that are more likely to be a problem. For example I pack vitamins, ginger for nausea and motion sickness.
11.  Carry a small amount of cash in the currency of the country you are travelling.  Not so much that you are worried if it gets stolen, but not so little that you won't be able to get your children something to eat or drink from a cash only venue.
12.  Try to bring some snacks for your children, in case food is not easy to acquire when they are hungry.  Try to make sure these are foods that can go through customs, or eat them before you have to.
13.  Make a copy of credit cards, passports, and your identification, and leave this with someone you trust before you go on vacation.  If your wallet is stolen, or your passports you will want to be able to have the information from these documents fast so also write down all numbers you may need to call and information you need and put it separate from your wallet in your luggage.
14.  Bring a print out of reservations for places you are staying.
15.  Pack things so that the first things you need are on top and then put in order for when you need them.
16.  Pack some garbage bags to put dirty clothes into.  
17.  If you are going to Seattle, I don't care if it is August and there is a heat wave, bring a sweatshirt or hoodie with you.

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  1. #8 reminds me of our trip to Legoland when I had a 3 month old. I thought I was being extreme with all the outfits I shoved in the diaper bag - but we ended up going through 3 outfits in just a few hours!

    Love the blog idea!